Contactor Wiring

Many folks have asked about how to wire a contactor for the garage heater/air compressor smart switch video.

No liability is expressed or implied. I recommend you hire an electrician. This PDF should serve as a good reference to get them oriented for an installation. Improper installation could result in serious injury or death. Hire an electrician.. Its probably cheaper than your insurance deductible!

Intercooler and learning to weld aluminum

I would be lying if I said I’ve enjoyed building this intercooler. It seems to have fought me the entire time.

For never having welded aluminum – I’m happy with the look of the weld. Unfortunately when I went to pressure test it I have a number of leaks from the core. Like a bad game of “whack a mole” I seem to fix them and then find new ones..

Sadly at this point I’m going to cut off the end tanks and try again. It’s unfortunate but I am not sure what other choices I have. Most shops are not willing to try welding the current project and I’m not ready to throw a $400 core away. Stay tuned for updates