Stage 2 of Chassis Build and starting on suspension

Here the chassis is starting to take solid shape. You can see a formed transmission tunnel and both pedal box areas.  I would later come back and redo the steering column mount to avoid it hitting the scuttle

Transmission and engine test fit. The car is literally built around the engine and transmission. Optimizing around the engines height and shifter location.

Here you can see the first step in aligning the rear of the chassis using a laser level to set toe and camber.

Yes – Chassis can fly! Here I remove it from the build table (I built that table so I could drive the front of a car under it) and started on the suspension.

Chassis formation

The first step in building the frame was to layout all of the pieces. First we (My Dad and myself) built the bottom layer and then started to add height. Here you can see the rear bulkhead being built.

Starting to lay out the Seating Area


Rear section being mocked up (Bungee ties don’t build consistent angles.. in case you are wondering)

The area where the rear seats go  Getting to the angle was difficult but the mess of bungee cables helped keep things in order.

Starting to look like a swing set…

Finally we got to the point of having sides and needing to be ground down. It took a while but I believe in retrospect it was all well worth it.

In the beginning…

Once I decided I would start this project I realized I would need a donor. The North American favorite is the Mazda Miata because of the rear wheel drive configuration.

Talking to John Holt at HoltWheels and he mentioned he had this 94 with rear end damage. After discussing the terms we came to an agreement and he even delivered it.

What I landed on was a 94 Miata M with an open rear diff.

Driveline Donor.. in 2005

Reason it was a donor..

Build Table was needed and we used a piece of 1/4″ plate. It was “Flat enough” even though I see a good number of new builds with NASA level of engineering on their table.  I bought an abrasive saw- I wouldn’t recommend it. New carbide saws or band saws are leaps ahead.

Initial Build Table.. 1/4″ steel Plate