Suspension pieces

One critical piece of the project is the suspension. Depending on how much you know on the subject it could either be overly simplistic or incredibly complex.

Factors like dynamic toe, camber,caster and anti squat are all geometry concerns. Additionally spring rates and dampening round out the subject.

Front lower control arm

Initially I had the shocks set to a radical angle of 45 degrees. That was great in terms of fitment but required crazy spring rates since only half of it would be effective. I later built new mounts that moved the top of the shock out by 6″ and reduced the angle to something in the 20 degree range.

Original inboard upper shock mounting location
Mock up of how the anti roll bar will fit
End result.

We placed the vehicle on a laser mounted alignment rack when finished. The dimensions were absolutely amazing. The variation and setback differences were less than a production car typically exhibits.  I couldn’t be happier with the suspension! It is absolutely fantastic with 300F and 450R springs

Rear differential bushings

One of the Miata shortfalls is the differential bushings. They are pretty soft which can cause movement and ultimately cause case failure.


I bought a 3″ piece of Delrin and made a few sets. Worked like a charm on a small hf lathe.

They dampen some vibration but are pretty much all business!

I am very happy with how they came out!